Casserole autoflower seeds
Casserole autoflower seeds

The Casserole (fem)

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The Casserole is a mystery mix of feminized autoflower seeds. As we produce new strains in-house, stray seeds are continuously added to the Casserole mix. This mix contains a blend of nearly every release from our catalog. A great option for growers to obtain high quality genetics at an affordable price.

*Casserole seeds are not individually labelled. Chef Anna White Label is not able to provide guidance in identifying your plants as they grow.

Quantity: 5 seeds OR 12 seeds

Your casserole may include the following:

  • White Tyrone
  • Toofless Panama
  • Toofless Monkey
  • Cha Cha Slide
  • Sparkling Rose
  • Heisenberg Double Grape
  • Super Cereal
  • New Strains Added Quarterly


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Orders $200+ receive everything above plus additional complimentary seed pack, Chef Anna's choice